The Escoffier Society

Members of the Escoffier Society appreciate the library's importance in the community and demonstrate confidence in its enduring future. The Burlingame Library Foundation honors their commitment in multiple ways.

Escoffier Society Membership Privileges and Recognition

(unless anonymity is requested)

Alfred Escoffier
  • New inductees receive a Certificate of Recognition at a Foundation event

  • Members are recognized in the Foundation's Annual Report

  • Members are listed on the Burlingame Library Foundation's website

  • Members are invited to and recognized at Donor Appreciation events

  • Members receive invitations to exclusive receptions with authors prior to the annual Book & Author luncheon and may have copies of their books signed in advance

  • Members are pictured with the authors in the library's newsletter

Membership Criteria

You can become an Escoffier Society member by allocating $10,000 or more to the Burlingame Library Foundation in one or more ways:

  • Including a bequest in your will or revocable trust that names the Foundation

  • Making a life-income gift that names the Foundation as a remainder beneficiary, such as a charitable remainder trust, a charitable gift annuity or a pooled income fund gift

  • Making a gift or designation of retirement plan assets such as an IRA, 401 (k) or 403 (b) account that names the Foundation

  • Giving a lifetime gift or cumulative gift of fungible assets to the Foundation

The Burlingame Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit corporation registered in the State of California. Its tax identification number is 94-3220365.

To learn more about the Escoffier Society, send an email to or call (650) 483-3737.

THE ESCOFFiER society Members

Patty Anixter
Patricia Bergsing
Geetika and Durga Bobba
Audrey and Dick Bojack
Laurel and Norman Book
Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation
Burlingame Rotary Club
Kris and Jim Cannon
Pat Casey
Nancy Kedzierski and Gordon Chaffee
R.H. Colloton
Donna and Eric Colson
Jane Dunbar
Alfred Escoffier and Steven Cutshall
Lori Fuchiwaki
Rita and Allan Geller
Marritje and Jamie Greene
Deborah Griffith
Laurel and Vinod Gupta
Pat Harding and Bill Tiedeman
William Henzel
Mary Herman
Anna Zornosa and Lenny Heymann
Melanie and Kurt Hoefer
Crystal and Rob Hutter
Yumie and Makoto Kobayashi
Joan Lane
Susan May
Joe and Wendy Mendoza, in loving memory of Joanne McArdle
Cindy and Bill Montgomery
Jan and Robert Newman
Pat Nicholson
Angela Nomellini and Ken Olivier
Bonnie and Frank Pagliaro
Dale Perkins
Judith Perry
Kate Phillips and Michael Ross
Lilli Rey
Lisa and Mark Rosenthal
Carol and Craig Rossi
Daniel and Yenling Smith, in memory of Margaret A. Vose
Lisa and Ron Sturzenegger
Jane and Meeks Vaughan
Linda and Alex Veech
Rasri and Peter Vorametsanti
Dennis Zell