Sally and Roger Krakow

Sally and Roger Krakow

An Interview with Sally and Roger Krakow

How long have you been married, lived in the Bay Area and volunteered at the Burlingame Public Library? Roger and I were married 65 years ago and have lived in San Mateo Park for the last 53 of those. In 1996, prior to the library's enlargement project, I designed the Farewell Celebration dinner party, "Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses." I loved being a part of that and have been a steady volunteer since: the book sales, changing the glass display case inside the old library, and now, every Tuesday, we help to sort, shelve and pack the donated books, readying for the next sale. We like to think we're helping to make a difference.

As active community member, what other organizations do you volunteer for? We’ve enjoyed a diversity of volunteerism. Some that come to mind are: multiple responsibilities with our church and kids’ schools, much time connected to (what we used to call) The Junior Museum Auxiliary & Decorator Show Houses, Park Homeowners' Assoc.,The International Hospitality Center in San Francisco, Tapestry Restoration Corps with The de Young Museum, and Foreign Student Hospitality. Certainly our biggest project involved The Boy Scouts. With four boys, I was a perennial Den Mother and Roger the local ScoutMaster, Troop One! That went on for almost twenty years and produced four Eagle Scouts - time well spent.

What is the most satisfying part of your volunteer work? Our biggest reward might be seeing a small child sprawled on the library floor, completely entranced by a book. You know she's learning to love to read - the key to her entire future education - and we're helping to make that happen! It's really an honor to be involved with the Library Foundation and work alongside others who share our values...the importance of the written word.

What did you do before retiring? Roger was always involved in the hospitality business. He called himself an "Innkeeper." I, on the other hand, have about a ten year attention span, which resulted in various careers: teaching needlework, working as an English teacher's aide at BHS, working for a travel film company and finally as a wedding consultant. In that same time frame, I also had a weekly byline about weddings in "The San Mateo Times.”

What do you like to do when you are not volunteering? Blessed with a fairly large family, time spent with them always comes first. A particular joy these days is the youngest of our seven grandchildren, Amelia, who has practically grown up in the Burlingame Library! We love to take advantage of the fine arts San Francisco has to offer, as well as its great restaurants and The Commonwealth Club lectures. Several days each month we take a little trip somewhere we’ve never been. We also derive great pleasure in the company of dear friends. And, as you might imagine, Roger and I do spend a lot of time reading! Actually, just being together is still the best thing!